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"Where there is great love there are always miracles."
-Willa Cather
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My new life

September 24, 2015
12:30 pm

This Sunday is the annual Alan B. Liu Memorial Swim Meet @ Eagle Park Pool in Mountain View and I am excited, but a bit heartbroken to visit the place of the start of Alan's and my story, but also happy to be there to thank the swim team for their unending support. This year, in Alan's memory, we've raised a few thousand dollars for A Touch of Understanding (the non-profit organization for which I volunteer). I'm VERY excited about this. Thank you to the entire master's swimming community for your unwavering support through the years.

May 8, 2012

Sorry my site was offline for a while---I think I got hacked. While I'm at it...what's new: my volunteer tutoring is coming to an end Friday and I've had some great (and some rough mornings!) Am signed up for a pottery class starting the end of this month. Have done a lot of EFM programs this year including a retreat and an assembly b/c I offered a two for one for the school. Have lots of weddings this summer (all cousins). Another tree fell on my fence I share w/ my neighbor. The first one came down on my pergula over my patio. Luckily, in both cases, nothing was hurt. Angel is good. (My picanease doggie)She does run, as if she has a crappy life here, if she sees freedom...ah well...ta ta.

March 15, 2011

Am doing a book signing @ The Market Place in Rancho Cordova on Saturday, April 23 @ 2pm. It's @ 11395 Folsom Blvd. Rancho Cordova, California. Please come & support!

October 8, 2010

Haven't done an update in a long time, but was convinced to do one. Today, after over a year of not trying, I was able to get myself off the floor back into my chair--a huge thing for those times when I fall. I didn't fall, don't worry; I am working with the Physical Therapy students @ Sac State, and that is one of my goals. What else, since I'm here: going to start another book--this time about my mom's side of the family. (I think someone bumped her head!) Am looking for another roomie to replace my friend who is completing her post-doctoral work @ UC Davis the end of December. Very happy for her. Have a great few months until I chat with you again.

January 13, 2010

My book, "Couldn't Happen to Me" is now @ The Book Seller in Grass Valley! Their contact info is: 107 Mill St Grass Valley, CA 95945 530-272-2131

August 7, 2009

My book is done and getting published by Booksurge, an Amazon publishing company. It feels so great to be done with this project. I am going to have my brother post a link on this sight to the Amazon site where it can be purchased. So, now, I need to find a part time gig (aside from my public speaking about drunk driving). It's hard because the master's degree I have (mass communication) does not relate to many of the jobs I'd be interested in now! I would like to do something with people, not the printed word like before. My friend Sarah is doing post-doctoral work @ UC Davis, so she's going to live with me 4 days each week! She and Robert are keeping their houses in Santa Cruz and Monterey, so it's only a temporary gig. Just had dinner with my friends Eric & Megan which was fun. Eric has been my friend since before pre-school! I'm wasted tired so I need to hit the hay--going to a NCPA meeting tomorrow morning. Hasta.

May 15, 2009

Found a roomie! He's a cop and works out of the South Sac office 3 12s each week. His wife and 2 kids live in Grass Valley, so I'm all set and very lucky. Having my book published by Booksurge, an Amazon company, so it should be out by September. My brother is going to magically make you able to buy the book through Amazon with a link from here. Will be doing another year of the Every 15 Minute program to address drunk driving during next year's school year. Just returned from Yosemite on a biking trip w/ City of Sac Access Leisure. It was 4 days of hand cycling through the valley and I got to try rock climbing with Mark Wellman one day. I climbed about 200 feet up a rock. Very cool. Also went to Santa Rosa where I got to see the attorney general speak @ a National Crime Victim's Rights Week awards luncheon. Also got to see my DA and Rita & Dane. Went to an early dinner w/ Grammy in Novato on my way home. Am going to sign up for summer school @ ARC--4 days a week of weight training. Very cool.

February 18, 2009

Hello! So, I figured it was time to do an update. I'm currently looking for a good roomie to rent from me in my South Sac home. I'm right by I5, and in a great neighborhood. Just refinanced my house, so I'll be saving $$ every month! Also, I'm trying to get my book published. My aunt has done an incredible job editing for me (she does this for a living). I've also had some friends edit it. I'm now wearing god-awful boots on BOTH of my feet because of stupid skin breakdown. Seems I need bigger shoes because my feet swelled. Ugh. Thank you Harvey. One of my friends got me totally addicted to Facebook, so I have a site. It's been a great way to reconnect with old friends. Am on the 10 year reunion committee for Santa Clara University, so want to collect as many people and $$ as possible. Have started day dreaming about my working future and found a place where I could teach various-aged students about anything I want. Am thinking that digital presentation development (the message) would be a good topic. Let me know if you have any thoughts about this! Hasta Luego--

August 21, 2008

I've received a few requests to let you all know what's going on with moi. The biggest news is that I bought a house and am in escrow until Wed of next week! Good thing I didn't buy in 2004 in the South Bay because I love it in Sac now. The home is a 3/2.5 right by where I live now. My next goal is to find a roomie. I move in by the end of September because I have to have some modifications made (but not too many, because the home was built in 2004!). My book is almost done. Three of my girlfriends are proofing it and then it will be out! My aunt has been an excellent editor. Another thing I'm super excited about is my brother is engaged to Melanie! They've been dating 5 years, so it was time to make her a part of our family. (Good job, Dan!) I am dating someone now---scary that he puts up with my brain-injured-self!!! Presenting for new hires @ KPMG in S. San Francisco and headed to see DMB with my cousins in early Sept. Ta ta!

April 18, 2008

Hi all! So the biggest news is that I was a torch bearer in San Francisco for the 2008 Olympics. It was so fun-a lot of my mom's side of the family was there watching and some of my friends too. The night before, my brother and I went to a reception with Gavin Newsom in the city. They changed the route due to protesters, so my brother was the only family member who got to see, but a lot of people saw me on the news. I even got a torch to keep that had been lit by the real flame. That evening, my family and I (about 14 of us) had dinner @ the top of the Hyatt. It was beautiful. The waiters even gave me a special cake for dessert with a torch made out of frosting and my dad a dessert with happy birthday because it was his 61st bday. In other news, I was the keynote speaker for the Victim Witness group in Nevada City. My former therapists from Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital came to see it. I've been doing more Every 15 Minute programs because it's that time of year. My knee is finally better, so no more icing it. (I chipped one of the bones in my left knee trying to get off the floor.) Been researching houses again--restarting my search from 4+ years ago. I'm using Veronica's realtor to help me. Our lease is up the end of November, so I figure I have time to find a place, have it modified, then move in. Been working with Sac State PT student again and they had part of their final today--helping me get into the car faster and work on getting into the right position to get off the floor. I finally have a free weekend, and I'm so excited. Talk to you later.

January 13, 2008

Received another request for an update. My life is not too exciting these days because I have a break from my classes at ARC. I miss the friends I've made there! The one crazy thing that did happen is in practicing getting off the floor into my chair, I tweaked my left knee! So, I know ice it 3-4x a day, take IB Profin, and can't practice getting off the floor for a long while. For the holidays, I went to my family's in Grass Valley then to San Rafael, like usual. It was great to see everyone. All 9 kids and their families were there. Changed my brakes on my wheelchair to be scissor breaks. So still getting used to them. The main benefit is I don't sit on them ever when I transfer. Went up to Auburn to see Christy and Dylan and it was so great to see her again. Have gone biking a few times with the new cushion I got for Christmas. Also got a laptop for Christmas so it's great to have a PC that works faster! Took some tests @ Vocational Rehab, but haven't heard anything yet, so waiting to see the results. I know that I need to work with people, but that's all I know! Went to dinner last night with Veronica, and it was good to see her. Today, going to Jan's for dinner, so it will be good to hang out before her wedding next weekend.

October 8, 2007

I received a request for an update on my life! Here goes: The biggest news is that I had a fender bender in my car! I know: brand new Solara and I hit an SUV at a stoplight as it turned yellow. So right now I have a rental car. The path between my apartments and the shopping center with Nugget, Rite Aid, Marshalls is finally completed. So I can roll over to the shopping center whenever. Been getting more speeches set up through the direct mailing I did to Nor Cal schools. My aunt (the editor) has been working on my book, as I have been, and it seems to be taking shape. Today, I have a photo shoot with a photographer from Biking Magazine: the story comes out in November, they said. Still taking my class at American River College four days a week. Hope you are well!

September 6, 2007

Hi all. So I just returned from the CHP academy where I gave two presentations to the cadettes. The academy is only about 10 minutes from my house. I think this is a wonderful time to reach these guys about the affect drunk drivers can have; they are the enforcers of the law. I can only give so many talks and hope that the students hear what I have to say. But these guys can directly have an impact on drunk drivers. Yes, I did buy a car--a red Toyota Solara. It's so nice to have the freedom after 3 years!

July 20, 2007

Okay. So this is going to be my last update for a while. I've been doing weekly updates, but I get tired of talking about myself all the time! As Christy used to say "it's all about Jill!" Speaking of, Christy and Dylan came for a bike ride and dinner @ BJ's last week. She got a new car: a Nissan SUV. I love it. The next day, Dan and Mel came and we went on a bike ride and to dinner at Chevy's. Monday, my aunt Paula picked me up at ARC after my weight lifting class and we did some errands and she took me to The Outback for dinner. The next day, Vern came over and she got a new car! It's a Volkswagon Eos hard top convertable and it's fun! She took me out to dinner and we drove on Hwy 160; it was so pretty! Wednesday, I had ARC then went via Paratransit to UCD because I had a doctor's appointment. Found out my doctor who I love is moving! It's okay, she's going back to the midwest. Thursday, went to dinner with Josh, Jess, and Kelly @ Paizano's-- a place in downtown. Today, I had Tatiana come from Accent to clean and do laundry for me then I went to lunch with my friend Kaylee from ARC. We went to Strings. Tonight, I'm watching a movie I got from the office and tomorrow, going riding with Vern @ 10. See ya later.

July 13, 2007

My birthday party was great. Friends came from Sunnyvale, Santa Cruz, and Grass Valley. My mom did an awesome job with the food we served. And speaking of, my parents left for Europe this week and they're there until July 29!! This is a huge step for them (us) because they were going to go the summer Alan and I were hit, so they finally got there! Last night, Kelly and I had a BBQ at our place for several of her friends, and Jess, Josh, and Vern. It was so great. I always feel bad though, because it's hard for me to help bring stuff over from our place to the BBQ. On my birthday night, Vern brought over pizza and we watched one of the two movies I got for my birthday. And, some big news: I got my driver's license in the mail finally, so I'm researching cars to rent for a week, before I dive in and buy one. It's so infuriating, though, because most of the rental companies asked me if I want a van!!! Hell no. Budget finally was the winner in understanding that I prefer a sedan! Last weekend, I went up to Grass Valley for a wedding of a family friend. On the way up, my parents, brother and I stopped at several dealerships and I decided I love the Mazda RX8. It's a 2-door with an extra 1/2 door to make the driver's door open wider. I practiced transferring into it about 3 times, and it was fine. So now, I'm researching cars to rent before I make the big purchase. The wedding was fun--it was outside, so I had to pee down a hill, which sucked, but it was great to be there and see all my play-group friends whom I've known since I was about 6. Wednesday, I did my normal ride on the bike trail with my friend Jen Piatt whom I met at Sac State. Tonight, Kelly is taking me to get my nails done, then to dinner and a movie for my 30th. It will be fun--I can't wait. See ya later.

July 6, 2007

So, how is everybody? Camping was not all it's cracked up to be anymore--it's so hard to move around! I decided (with my cousins) that I need to get mountain bike tires for my old chair so I can manouver. Mel picked me up for camping Sat. morning with Dan and uncle Bill. We stopped in truckee so I could pee out the door. (What a lady I am.) It was wonderful seeing everyone, but super hard because of the situation. I left with Dad and My uncle Jeff on the 2nd--because they both had to work. Jeff even made me more transfer boards to give to Kelly, my brother, parents, etc. It was so nice of him! I had a stocking appointment for my leg and got these super tight stockings to wear every day on my left leg. So I have a new habit now: I wear them during the day, with my sore covered with anti-biotic creme and a pad, and take it off at night when it's elevated in bed. Kelly picked me up at the stocking place and we went to dinner at BJ's Brewery then to see the movie Ocean's 13. We've made a plan to start riding every week together while it's lighter at night. On the bike that my feet are strapped to at the gym, I'm up to riding it for an hour. I love the cardio; it's not the same a running, but still love it. Have been working on my book a lot lately; I found my old journal to include some exerpts and it's pretty entertaining to see how often I freakin' repeated myself! Going to look at some hand controls for cars with my family today then heading to GV for a wedding tomorrow. Have my 30th birthday party Sunday, so write about that next time...

June 25, 2007

This weekend was huge for me. I got to see my best friends from college because Jeff got married to Sarah in SF. (Not Ginner--another Sarah.) Veronica picked me up and we drove down to the Marine Memorial Club Friday night. My brother and Mel met us there and the girls, Becky's BF Tim, Dan, and I had pizza and caught up in the hotel room. Saturday, we had the wedding at St. Cecelia's Church (a beautiful church) and the reception at the Marine Memorial Club. At the reception, we danced like crazy. It was so much fun! Sunday, Kina, Veronica, Sarah, Dan, and I walked through Union Square after brunch with many of our friends; it was a glorious weekend in the city. More big news: I got my driver's license back! I was totally nervous about it, but the test giver was very nice and it was great because I talked to her most of the test while I was driving. For those of you who know my head injury--multi-tasking is getting so much easier for me. Last weekend, I went riding with Veronica then my friends Eric and Megan picked me up (because they live in Sacto) and we went to Grass Valley for a bridal shower for our mutual friend. I stayed with my parents that weekend and we hung out and Dad watched golf (it was father's day!); it was a mellow weekend. Monday, I had class at ARC then a driving lesson. Tuesday, had class then another driving lesson at rush hour. Got my hair and nails done this week as well, and I love it. My DMV test was Thursday and my mom drove down because I had a foot doctor's appointment. Got my business cards for speaking as well and I love them. Have a great week...

June 15, 2007

Hi everyone. Today, my mom came down and brought me a new file cabinet and we totally organized (and threw out) all my crap. It felt so good to do! Been taking that class at ARC 4 times a week and I'm really working on my strength. We went to my aunt and uncle's house in Novato last weekend where we celebrated the graduates in the family. It was a little hard because the kids swam in their pool and I missed being with them for that. Started my P.E. class at ARC and like it. There are people roaming around just helping you with the weights. Also, there is a machine that moves your legs for you (once they are strapped in) and a machine where you use the handlebars to move the peddles. I love both of them. Last night, went to dinner with Jess & Josh at a Mexican restaurant. Have a great week.

June 8, 2007

June has been good. I signed up for an American River College P.E. class that's four times a week (exercise since I have no more therapies) starting Monday. Am planning a party in the social room at my apartment for my 30th birthday with a bunch of my friends and family. Have a DMV test for my license on the 21st. Watch out, world! My parents' anniversary was June 2, and it was also a friend's wedding up in Grass Valley, at the mine (beautiful grounds). Been working out at UC Davis a lot. Went shopping for some jamies, bras, and other stuff. My foot sore is getting much better-- still dressing it once a day, but it seems to be improving. Talked to Rita tonight and she's getting the word out about my presentation. I'm really passionate about giving it and I hope that shows to the kids I give it to. Overall, things are going pretty well these days.

May 31, 2007

Was I saying that I was bored? Hmmm. Good thing I found the time to update today. Last night, my aunt Jan drove me up to Healdsberg for a presentation I did for an Every 15 Minutes program. I got to see my friend Becky's parents and Rita up there so they saw some of the work I've done on my presentation. I got home about 10:30 or 11 last night. I gave another presentation at Bear River High School in Alta Sierra on Friday. It was an assembly and I got to see Robin, (and her daughter Anna), who I used to swim with in Mountain View. I stayed up in Grass Valley at my parents' house because it was mom's birthday. Dan came up as well and we went out to dinner. Kina also came to visit because she was on the mainland for a wedding in Grass Valley, of all places. She, her boyfriend, Mike and Maimy came for bruch at my parents' house Monday, then Kina and Zack drove me home to Sacramento. Had my last day at therapy. My friend Liz was here so we did dinner together at Vern's house. Had lots of driving lessons lately, getting ready for my test with DMV. Last weekend, went to a grad party for the Stone girls (my cousins) in Danville. Dan and Mel stayed with me the night before because they had a party to go to in Sacramento. Kiet Tran also came over and took me to dinner with a bunch of his teammates in Auburn before a race they did on Sunday morning. (He's the one who designed all the shirts for me.) Have a great week.

May 19, 2007

So I realized something last night: that I don't have much to do now, (aside from the everyday stuff that takes me forever, but less time than it used to). It's weird not having much I absolutely have to do. And since I have never been good at twiddling my thumbs, I'm going to look at exercise classes at ARC and Sac State since I should have my driver's license the end of the month. I've been doing a ton of driving lessons-- going on the freeway, managing rush hour traffic, doing three-point turns, etc. Last weekend, I volunteered for a MADD event in Sacramento. Vernie came over that night and we watched a movie. On Sunday, for Mother's Day, I went to Bogle Vineyards (like we did last year) with a lot of Carbones. I was bumbed when we left because I was very tired and wondered how I'm going to do it when I drive? My parents reminded me that they will be with me at those events. Monday, I had another driving lesson. That night, Kelly and I went to the Nugget and did our grocery shopping. Tuesday, I had therapy and worked out at the gym. Did the same thing Wednesday exept went to the SCI group instead of therapy. Thursday, had my new counselor and went shopping for dinner stuff for Jess, Josh, and Cory that night. Yesterday, had a driving lesson--about 4 hours late-- yeah, I'm writing a letter today! Hasta luego...

May 8, 2007

The biggest news is that I was discharged from Speech Therapy today at UCD. A few more weeks, and I'll be done with therapy. I'll have no therapy at UCD but I'm still going to go there a few times a week to work out and go to the SCI group. I'm going to focus on driving and gaining strength in my arms. I also want to keep giving Powerpoints on drunk driving in schools and work on my book. I was in Grass Valley the end of last week and I gave a presentation in Nevada City. It was emotionally tough because I saw the video they did at a high school of a drunk driving crash. I can't imagine being the families of the actors who were "killed" in the reenactment. My parents remodled their guest bathroom by taking out the tub and putting in a roll-in shower. I love it! They have done so much for me; I'm very lucky. When I was in Grass Valley, we had many family friends over for dinner Saturday night; it was so good to see everyone. I tried to see my old therapists in Grass Valley, but they don't work on Fridays anymore. Also, I got my hair done by Jennifer and it's short; I love it! Jess, Josh, and Cory came over for fondue dinner Tuesday night last week. Kelly did a ton for it because I was super busy all week. Wednesday, mom picked me up at UCD after my SCI meeting and we met Christy and Dylan for dinner in Auburn. Sunday, went to a Rivercats baseball game with Aunt Jan and the family. Afterwards, we went to Chris and Suzanne's house for an early dinner in Davis. Today, I went to UCD to work out and have speech therapy. Tomorrow I have driving, an SCI meeting, and I'm going to work out again. See ya later.

April 28, 2007

Hello everyone. I sat in the sun today and it's so nice to actually have the time to do that. It was yet another crazy week. At the car dealerships, I transferred into the Solara. We met a great sales guy at the Toyota dealership, and my dad test drove a Solara and liked it. One thing that's been really tough for me is that I had a few driver lessons this week--in rush hour traffic--and my turning isn't up to par because of my right arm. Sunday, Sarah, her boyfriend Robert, Veronica, and Amanda Ginn came for breakfast and we walked over to the restaurant in the shopping center next door. I'm also busy asking my friends to email me their first reactions when they heard about Alan and I so I can show in my book how much Harvey affected so many people. Been working out at the gym at UC Davis 2-3 times a week to get my arms stronger. I gave an assembly at Oakmont High School for their "Every 15 Minutes" program, which Kelly Baraga told me about. The thing I liked the best from that presentation was when I showed the photo of the crashed bike just before I talk about the damage, there were several gasps in the audience. Had another foot doctor appointment, and the big news is no more soaking in salt water, gauze, or cream, so it's getting less cumbersome. Went to Sac State again Friday then to El Torrito Friday night with the three PT students and several classmates for an end of semester celebration. Have a great week.

April 20, 2007

This weekend, my parents are coming down and we're going to a few car dealerships in the area. Today, I went to Sac State with a great woman from Accent. She cleaned my bathroom, vacuumed, did two loads of laundry, made my lunch, changed my bed, and drove me to Sac State. Two of the PTs had their finals today and next Friday, one other one has hers. I did a good job of kneeling on the floor and holding onto the front of the chair, pushing up trying to get back in the chair. Still not there, but getting closer. I was supposed to have a driving lesson today but my instuctor was sick, so we rescheduled. Last weekend, I went grocery shopping with Kelly and unpacked from Huntington. I had a driving lesson on Monday and I went on the freeway. Oh no. Tuesday, my cousin Cory picked me up and I did another Every 15 Minutes presentation for Whitney High School at a hotel in Rocklin. I also worked out in the gym at UCD to work on my arm strength. At the SCI group, I gave my PowerPoint and they liked it, I think. Thursday, I wheeled over to the shopping center and bought some stuff for my foot, bread for Jess/Josh's house, and some other stuff. I had to not buy a lot because I had to wheel back with it all. I have about 60 pages in my book now and so I emailed it to my aunt in Maryland who is an editor to see what she thinks of it. Took the bus to The White's house last night for our Thursday night dinner. Talk to you next week.

April 14, 2007

Kiet Tran, my friend Danh's brother, is doing a fundraiser for me (!!) by selling t-shirts with the logo that he designed: www.racingawareness.org. I am extremely humbled by his dedication to helping me get the word out about drunk drivers. Because really, Harvey has impacted the entire triathlon, swimming, cycling, and running communities, not to mention our families and friends. I returned from Huntington Beach with my family last night. We stayed at the hotel we always stay at right on the water. We did dinner at Spark's, BJs, Duke's, and breakfast on the pool deck under the sun. I was more upset this year because of all of my losses. I miss Alan so much. I went to Maita Toyota to transfer into a Solara because this is the car I'm leaning towards. I had a great caregiver here on Friday; he was so great at all the cleaning and took me to Marshalls and the sports store to get a sport cord. The PT students at Sac State gave me a routine for strengthening my arms. On Easter, we went to Grammy's in San Rafael where we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday and everyone emailed me memories/stories of dad and I put it in a book. Have a great week.

April 2, 2007

Good evening. My friend Veronica just left; she got dinner for us at Nugget and it was great to see her! This weekend was good. Kelly and I went to see the movie Wild Hogs and went to Thai food for dinner Friday night. Saturday, my friend Jen came over in the morning and we went riding (she jogged while I rode). Then I had a driving lesson with Don and I went on an expressway where you go 50 MPH! Watch out world. My parents came down after my lesson and mom and I went to Marshalls and Rite Aid to get some stuff. (Dad played on the putting green just outside my apartment while we were gone.) We went to dinner at The Freeport Grill on the river and it was great; we sat on the deck outside. I'm so looking forward to summer! Sunday, my aunt Carr and uncle Bill came over and we went to BJ's for lunch then to my cousin Sean's soccer game; Sean scored the winning goal! Last week I met my new counselor, whom I really like. I also went up to Camp Alta to give another drunk driving presentation for an Every 15 Minutes retreat for Lincoln High. I stayed at my parents' in Grass Valley because they live about 30 minutes South of Alta. On Thursday, I had therapy and a doctor's appointment, then that night, Josh and Jess picked me up and we went to Cory's house for Thursday night dinner in Davis. Friday, the Sac State people were on Spring Break, so I didn't have that this week. Tomorrow, I'll be at UCD to use the weight machines and I have speech therapy. Until next time...

March 23, 2007

I did my update on time this week! Last Saturday, mom and dad came down and we rode on the bike trail a long way. Then, we BBQ'd burgers by the pool at my place. Sunday, I rode with Vern and after our ride, dad had to drive down to return my cell because he accidently took it home with him. Monday, I had a dentist appointment (which felt so good because I haven't had my teeth cleaned in a while). A UCD dentist did it and I just stayed in my chair. After my appointment, Bond Driving School picked me up and I drove! He brought a Toyota sedan with hand controls and I drove all through the neighborhoods. I have more lessons scheduled but I was so excited to do it! I was so tired after that--new learning is hard for me because of my brain injury. I had PT and ST Tuesday and one of my PTs gave me a great plan to strengthen my arms. It includes a bunch of sets on the weight machines to work on my pecs, biceps, triceps, lats, back muscles, etc. so I scheduled a work out in at least 3 times a week. Thursday, the Accent lady cleaned my place and did laundry for me then Kelly and I went to the grocery store and got food for the week and that night. We served Mahi Mahi when Jess, Josh, and Cory came over for dinner. (My mom gave me a great recipe with capers, etc.) Today, I went to Sac State and worked with the 3 PT students on getting back into my chair from the floor. They also gave me a good plan (and had me do it) for using the machine at my gym. My arms were so tired. The bus was super late getting me so my driving lesson was postponed. Good thing, because I am tired! Have a great week.

March 14, 2007

I've been totally slacking on my updates these days. For a good reason--I've been quite busy. Where do I start? I saw the vascular surgeon's nurse practictioner at UCD and she gave me two bandages to wrap around my foot/leg twice a day because it's swollen. I got my hair cut/highlighted by a lady my friend Whitney recommended and I really like her. She washed/did my hair in my chair! No transferring necessary. My cousin was here from Maryland and we went riding with my brother and Melanie, the went to Jan's for dinner. That night, my parents and I drove up to Alpine Meadows where I skiied the next morning and did a really crappy job. So now, I'm going to work on my arm strength 3 days a week. (One of my PTs Bob gave me some excersises to do with the weights at the gym.) On our way down the hill, it took us over 11 hours to get just to Grass Valley from Alpine, so I stayed in GV that night. Our friends Susie & Terry drove me home the next day. On a Wed. night, my uncle Mark picked me up and drove me to San Rafael (after my bus went all over the freakin' place) and I stayed with Paula and Bill with my brother the night before 3 presentations I gave at Technology High School in Santa Rosa. Grammy saw a few of them and then drove me back to Sacto. That night, Jess, Josh, and Cory came over for dinner which I bought and my dad stopped by because he was at a conference. Starting every Friday, I'm going to Sac State to a PT class and this Friday, the 3 students are coming to my house. One day, Kelly and I went on the bike trail along the river (I rode my hand cycle); we were gone for over 3 hours. Last week, it was Cory's birthday, so we went to Kamon Japanese Restaurant to celebrate. I also got a new wheelchair-- it's titanium light and has RED spokes! Vern and I drove to Berkeley to see Kina who was visiting. I went to lunch at Pluto's with Katie Liu and Gabe. Hasta until next time.

February 19, 2007

Hola. So the big news is that I passed my written DMV test and am so happy. So, tomorrow, after the holiday, I'll call driving schools and make an appointment to learn to drive with my hands. This week has been nuts for me. Typically, I have dinner on Thursday nights with Jess, Josh, and Cory, but was too slammed this week. Last Friday, I went to the Montalvo Center to watch salsa with Veronica and Kelly. We grabbed dinner beforehand at Sudwerks in Davis. Saturday, mom and dad came down and we went to a museum in Sacto to see Ansel Adams' photography of Yosemite. The three of us went to dinner in downtown with Jess and Josh at PF Changs. I dealt with more doctor paperwork on Monday. Tuesday, I passed my DMV written test, so I'm closer to getting my learner's permit again. Wednesday, I had to take a cab to UCD because the bus system couldn't find a van for me! Aaah. I can't wait to get my license! At group, Jerry gave his story to us all and this week is my turn, so that will be good. My cousin Chris picked me up after the group, and he got to see my place. Thursday, I had a doctor's appointment to look at the vascular stuff going on in my leg, then I had some time, so I worked out for about an hour in the PT gym at UC Davis, then I had a foot doctor appointment. This weekend, I rode with my cousin Maureen and Saturday night, Kelly and I watched a movie. Sunday, Mom & Dad came down and we did errands at Rite Aid and they cleaned our place. We also went to dinner at a place close to my place. Gotta run--going to make dinner with Kelly.

February 9, 2007

So it's been a very busy week. (As usual, even though I'm not working yet.) I've been dealing with my ski trip with SCVMC and all the paperwork, etc. Also, I took the written drive test and failed. My stupid memory! I'm taking it again on Tuesday. Also, I've been working with Rita and school/CHP officials in Santa Rosa about giving my PowerPoint up there. I have a whole list of schools to begin calling on Tuesday (Mon. is a holiday). It's tough though, because I don't drive yet, so getting up there may be a challenge until I get my license. Another exciting thing that happened is that a lot of my friends, brother, and I are going to Hawaii in November to visit Kina! We always do a Thanksgiving party (I hosted this year) so this time it will be in Hawaii. Last weekend, I looked for shoes for a long time with my parents and my foot is so freakin' swollen! I even tried on men's shoes. It's so fat! My PT gave me a foot brace to wear instead of just socks so I love that. In PT, I worked really hard on getting back into my chair again. I'm getting closer, but it's still hard.

February 2, 2007

I can't say enough how great this is being able to do my updates from home! This week was very hectic. On Monday, I had dinner with Danh at Rob and Hope's house in Roseville. We got take out from the Outback and had a nice time catching up. I also had a little fall as we were going outside to check out Rob and Hope's backyard. It's better to go over sliding glass door ledges backwards- well, I forgot this of course, and totally dumped out of my chair onto the ground. Poor DT and Rob were helpless because my wheelchair was in the way. I was okay, though! Tuesday, I had speech and physical therapies where I worked hard on floor recovery again. I also had a KUB Radiology appointment at UC Davis to check out my residual blood clot. Wednesday, I went to Sac State to one of Dr. McCleough's brain injury PT unit. Then I went to UC Davis and dealt with my catheters more: I should be getting them tomorrow. It was so dumb--they need to know that I still need one each time I pee; just because I switched doctors they needed all the documentation again. I promise, I can't pee on my own even though I switched doctors! I had the SCI meeting at UCD. Thursday, I had to go to the foot doctor at UCD, (yes still have funky foot). Then my careprovider drove me to The Nugget and I bought some stuff for dinner that night with Jess, Josh, and Cory. Kelly showed at the store so I went home with her. We had a great time that night. I told them about my two funny stories this week, which I am putting in my book, so you'll have to wait for that!

January 28, 2007

Hello. Last weekend, I went to dinner at Jan's and then Saturday, Dan, Mel, and I went bike riding in the wind. It was freakin' cold. After the ride, we went out to a late lunch at Tower Cafe in Sacto. Monday, a lady from Accent Care was here and we went to the gym, Nugget, and Rite Aid. Today, I was excited because I finally got to chat with Becks (in New Zealand). We were both all messed up on the international calling deal. I've also been dealing with DMV-- moving my files from the South Bay up to Sacramento. Getting my license back has been a lot harder than I imagined! On Tuesday, I had Speech and Physical therapies. In PT, I worked for about two hours on getting off the floor onto the mat. I've decided to never fall out of my chair! I also got to see the indoor pool they have, which, I am happy to say, I need a longer pool to get a good workout, so I probably won't be using it. Wednesday, I saw my new doctor- Dr. Wakeley at UC Davis for my first appointment. (She's the one I met when I went to the ER for my foot.) I really like her, and she seems really determined to figure out why my left leg is so swollen. I used my digital voice recorder during the appointment so I was able to play back our whole meeting to my parents that night. I felt very proud of myself! I've actually had time to work on my book a lot lately. Thursday night, I went with Josh and Jess to Cory's house for dinner. Friday night, I went to an alumni event at a bowling alley with Vern, Whitney, and Kelly. Have a great week!

January 19,2007

Hi everyone. Today I did lots of laundry, my fingernails, my foot (yes I'm still dressing it), slept in, managed some stuff at The Wheelchair Center, and other stuff. It was a very productive day, to say the least. It's so hard because things used to take me no time that take forever now! Agh. So I have done a ton, but it doesn't sound like much! Kelly and I went to the mall on Monday (she had a holiday.) Yesterday was a very long day: the bus got me at 9am, I had PT where I worked on getting off the floor, had lunch in the cafeteria, speech therapy, then the UC Davis bus took me over to my foot doctor where he gave me new directions and a new prescription to put on it twice a day. I then took Paratransit over to my cousins' house for dinner: (Jess and Josh) Cory and Kelly came as well. We had a good time together. It was a long day! 12 hours long. (No wonder I slept in this morning.) I had that interview on Wednesday and I'll meet my new "Christy" named Lisa on Monday. I'm excited because I'm also going to start light marketing consulting work for my friends' company. Tomorrow, my parents are coming and we're going to aunt Jan's for dinner. Ta ta.

January 13,2007

Good afternoon! So I'm playing with my new toy I got for Christmas: Web at home! It's so nice to not have to roll over to the computer lab to do stuff. My grandma Jean, brother, and parents got it for me. Another piece of news is that I am hiring a brand new agency in Sacramento for someone to go on bike rides, grocery shop, and swim with me, and sometimes take me to therapy before I get a car. I have the "interview" on Wednesday. Basically, the "intake coordinator" (or whatever he's called) will chat with me for a while about what my needs are. Big news these days. This morning, my aunt Boo and cousin Melissa came buy to vist and my parents came too. They brought me some mail, mom cleaned my place, and dad did my foot and balanced my checkbook. It's great to have such wonderful parents! So I'm really having to look back at my Palm since I haven't done an update in a long time! Kelly and I went to the movies and to dinner at Strings (I love that restaurant). Tuesday, I had Speech and Physical Therapies (my OT discharged me). Wednesday was a whirlwind: I went to the DMV and they requested my paperwork from Santa Clara, then I rolled about a mile over to UC Davis Med Center because I had the time and wanted to, ate lunch in the cafeteria, had a SCI meeting, then took the bus home. Thursday, I rolled to the Nugget and Rite Aid to get raviolis, bread, and salad for Vern, Jess, Josh, and Cory that night. Josh hooked up my Internet, which was so great of him to do! I hope you all have a wonderful week.

January 2, 2007

OK. So I'm in high search mode at this point. I am looking to hire someone, starting March 1, for a few days a week. Please let me know if you know of anyone! Thanks!

December 30

Well I'm back in Sacramento. Today I've been doing laundry, folding clothes, paying bills, etc. all the stuff that you neglect when you are gone. I'm now looking for a new caregiver because Christy is very focused on Dylan and the drive to my place takes her an hour from her house! So the only thing I will need to hire someone for is cleaning my house, going on jogs with me while I ride my hand cycle on the many bike trails by my place, and swimming with me. I'll be making an appointment for a DMV test probably next week, so that's getting taken care of. My mom's side of the family had Christmas at my aunt Barbara's and Gregg, her husband, cooked up a feast for us. My cousin Melissa created a family calender with photos of the whole family and all of our birthdays. It was such a great idea! We had our second Christmas the following day (per usual) to eat all the leftovers at Barbara's house. My immediate family and I then went down to Monterey for a few nights and we stayed at the Lighthouse Lodge again. We had great dinners, I rode my hand cycle for about 2 hours, and we stopped by SCVMC on the way home to see some old friends since I was there for so long. It sure was nice to get to leave! Last night, Mom and Dad took me shopping at the grocery store for food since I was gone for so long. Let me know if you know of anyone looking for a flexible job a few days a week. Thanks!

December 22

I am doing my update in Grass Valley because I came home for the holidays. I spent some time at the UC Davis Med Center Thursday night. I had a routine appointment and the doctor was concerned about my heel so she sent me to the ER. I was not too happy because they were saying I would have to stay over Christmas in the hospital! I said just cut it off; I don't use it anyways! What happened is they x-rayed my heel, did an ultrasound of it, then the doctor basically cut off all the stuff that they were concerned about. My PT Joe was worried about it and thanks to him, it's now getting better! So here I am in Grass Valley at my parents' house. We didn't get back to GV until 2:30 Thursday morning. I got to see my therapists from Sierra Nevada Hospital and it was great to see them. They took me to lunch in the hospital cafeteria. Carin, Katie, her daughter, and I had a nice time. Carin gave me an excellent idea for my book- to do short stories, versus a novel. I think it's a great idea especially because my brain injury has rendered novels not as exciting for me. My friend Veronica and I went to see the movie The Holiday and I loved it! We then went to dinner afterwards. I also went to a "family dinner" at my aunt Jan's house in Davis and my cousin Suzanne picked me up and she got to see my place. I wrote a letter to send to schools in the Sacramento area for my drunk driving presentation and am getting ready to send it after the holidays. Monday, I went to the mall with Christy & Dylan and I got some Christmas presents. Tuesday I had all three therapies and my OT Carrie discharged me because she thinks I've improved and don't need her services anymore. Wednesday, I had a vocational rehab appointment in the Elk Grove office and it was nice to finally meet Sheryl. We talked about my goals for driving, etc. I got a new doctor because of my foot; I met a great doctor at UC Davis and my dad and I got an appointment with her in January. Merry Christmas and talk to you next week.

December 15

Good afternoon. So my biggest news is that I've been researching driving again. My goal is to drive by January, so we'll see if that happens. Another piece of news is that Christy and I had a very candid talk and we've decided that in January, I will be finding another person; basically, the drive from Auburn sucks. And she's very focused on Dylan and I want to give her that opportunity. So all I will need to hire someone for is to go bike riding/swimming with me and clean our place about 3 days a week. If you know of anyone, please let me know! Friday of last week I had physical therapy. Saturday, my parents and aunt Jan came to vist. We went to lunch together and I mailed my Powerpoint to Presentation High School. My aunt Sue and her daugther picked me up with my Grammy and we drove down to Presentation so I could give my presentation to the girls in an assembly. My old speech therapist from Santa Clara Valley Med was there (she's an alum of the school) and it was so great to see her! After the speech, Carr, my other aunt, Sue, Grammy, Ashley and I stopped by my friend Heidi's house in Santa Clara to meet her new baby: Theodore Joseph. Her other son Thomas was napping so we didn't get to see him. Then my aunts, cousin, nad Grammy and I went to Chevy's for lunch and then Carr drove me home. Tuesday, I had therapy at UC Davis and Wednesday, Christy came. Yesterday, I had OT, and today, I think I slept off a cold. Whew! Have a great week.

December 8

Sorry for the day delay, but I've been pretty busy lately. Friday, I went with Christy to Sacramento State to talk to a physical therapy class. My PT set me up with it and they practiced transferring me, which was very strange because I haven't had help transferring in over a year. Saturday, my brother came to pick me up and we went to my old company's holiday party. I told them that this was my last year doing the slideshow--Erin's getting really good at it! Our table was fun, we sat with the "young crowd" in the back of the room and had a blast. Dan and I stayed the night there and so we had a room. Prior to the party, we had our friends Laura, Erin, and Jeff come over to our room for horsd'oeuvres. We stayed out talking to people until about 1am. The next morning, my brother and I met Danh, Mariska, Tyler, Erin, and Jeff for "breaky" at Hobees in Sunnyvale. Dan drove me back home. Monday, Christy came and we went biking on the bike trail, which I loved. Tuesday, Christy gave me a really great stretch and shoulder massage in the gym. Wednesday, I had therapy and that night, Vern picked me up and we went to a SCU alumni event in Sacramento. Yesterday, I rolled over to Rite Aid and got some stuff and today I had PT at UC Davis. I'm busy looking for another doctor at UC Davis so I've been doing that too. Tonight, Kelly and I are making pasta for dinner and tomorrow my parents are coming with my aunt Jan, so I can't wait to see them!

November 30

Kelly and I had our Thanksgiving party and it was so fun! Kina even flew out from Hawaii as a surprise. My friends bought her a plane ticket and flew her out here. We had so much fun at the party. A lot of my cousins even came so they got to see many of my friends who they met in the hospital, on much better terms! And Christy got to meet a lot of my friends who I always talk about to her. We went to breakfast the next morning at the Tower Cafe, then went on a bike ride/walk. That evening, Kina and Vern came over, they bought dinner for us, and we watched a movie together. Tuesday, I went out to dinner at The Spaghetti Factory with my friends Orion and Karen Kroeger. It was so nice to see them. (They are friends from Grass Valley.) Wednesday, Dan came and we went to Davis to our aunt Jan's house for a Thanksgiving eve dinner. He and I stayed at my place then Thursday, we drove down to Marin to our grammy's house. We beat everyone, surprise, surprise! Our Turkey Day was good. My brother and I stayed at our aunt Paula and uncle Bill's house. Paula (a nurse) gave me a ton of medical supplies for my foot (yes, it's still a sore, so still just wearing socks)! The day after Thanksgiving, Alan's dad Barry came over and we visited and he delivered one of Alan's framed patents (that Alan didn't know he had). It was great to see him. I got back to my place Saturday and Kelly and I went grocery shopping. On Monday, I had an appointment at the DMV to work on getting my license reinstated. I got a big form I had to mail to my rehab doctor. Tuesday, I had PT and OT at UC Davis and Wednesday, I did a lot of stuff I've needed to do. Today I worked out in the gym, and completed & mailed several forms. Tomorrow, I'm going to Sac State to talk to a PT class that my PT hooked me up with. This weekend is the TRC Lowney holiday party that Erin and I did the slideshow for so I can't wait!

November 16

Friday, my friend Erin came and we did the slideshow for my old company (TRC Lowney) again. She's getting really good at doing it! We went to dinner together with my mom who was down shopping in Sac. We went to a great Italian place called Strings. Mom left and Erin and I finished the slideshow that night--by like 2am! (I'm such a night owl!) Erin and I got up at 7:30 and took my bike out on a new trail I found by my place. It was a great ride, but at the end, it started raining on us so we took showers when we got home because we were cold. She left and I cut my toenails which turned out to be a huge ordeal because I'm on Cumadin so I bleed like crazy. It was very frustrating because blood was pretty much gushing out of my toes! My parents came Sunday and they hung my prints up for me while they were here, so my place is looking so much better. Monday, I had OT and I helped Nils with a research project he's doing: looking at the muscle synapses of leg muscles in spinal cord injured people. I did it again today and we realized that I have too much feeling in my upper thighs to participate in the study. This is sort of a good thing because it means I have too much feel to participate! Tuesday night, I spoke to a group of about 30 kids from Granite Bay High School for their "Every 15 Minutes" program. My aunt Jan took me and watched me present. It was great. I just love giving my presentation! Wednesday, I went to a MADD event at Sutter Roseville Hospital that one of the nurses told me about when I had my foot issue. Basically, I had my slideshow photos up and I just talked to people. Rita and Katie & Gabe came too and it was great to see them! Christy also brought Dylan. Just getting ready for our party this weekend. Have a great week!

November 9

Happy Thursday, everyone! This week has been great. On Friday, I went to Auburn with Christy and met my dad. Mom made a yummy dinner Friday night and I got my hair cut and highlighted on Saturday by my long-time hair dresser. We then drove to Grammy's house in Marin and Sunday, we got up and went to my cousin Alicia's soccer game: Cal vs. Stanford. We "tail-gated" (had a picnic) on the Cal campus before the game. My aunt Carr looked at my heal and gave me some new instructions for taking care of my sore. Alicia is pretty much a star with Stanford. It was fun to see her play--she kicked butt! After the game, my parents and I went to The Nugget and got dinner-we got salads that you can say what to put on them; it's like a Pluto's Restaurant. Christy came Monday and we went on the bike trail--we found another trail off the main one from my place so I'm very excited. Tuesday and today, I did laundry, folded my clothes and put them away, emptied the dishwasher, and I've been working on my book, believe it or not! It's nice to actually have time do do something that I've wanted to do for a long time! Talking to my brother last night, he had the good suggestion to keep what I started, even though my mind has come back so much and I'm changing a lot mentally. It will be a great comparison of how much my mind has changed. I also met with Rafael at The Wheelchair Center to get a new chair--the new one is so great! It looks super fast. Big changes are no handlebars, bigger wheels, lower back, lighter seat, red spokes, etc. I can't wait to get it. He didn't even know how I was hurt--that tells you how much my mind has come back--because we were so focused on the chair 2 years ago! Tomorrow, my friend Erin is coming to visit and do the slideshow again and we're also going to dinner with my mom too. Have a super week!

November 2

So I totally forgot to put in my last update what my former counselor said to me: She said "I'm using my sass, living on my own, and kicking butt!" Thank you for that, Emily! I feel like I'm doing better every day as well. The sore on my heel is much better, although I'm still just wearing socks with tread. It's not an open wound but still is a bit red. So I gave my presentation to two different schools in Grass Valley last week on Friday. I gave an assembly to my doctor's kid's elementary school, and then I gave 3 at my mom's junior high school. I have a presentation geared to that age group as well, so it's slightly different in that it doesn't talk to the new drivers, but to the kids who may find themselves in bad situations with the person who is driving. My friend Danh also came up to visit and it was so great to see him. He's the one who started posting on this website way back in April 2004. We went to dinner and he showed me some graphic stuff he may need some help with so I'm excited about that. Sunday, I had a pretty mellow day then rode with Vern on the bike trail. Monday, Christy came and I had my blood checked. I also did lots of business re: my Coumadin that day. They messed up on my standing order so I had to have them re-fax a bunch of stuff, talked to a lot of people, etc. Today I just had speech therapy and it's raining tonight. Gotta run---

October 26

Happy Thursday, everyone. I've had a very productive week. I flew in with my family from Niagra Falls on Friday night. The waterfalls were so beautiful. Our room overlooked both the U.S. and Canada falls. My family and I did the Maid of the Mist boat ride where you ride right up to the base of the falls. It was cold and rainy and I joked that I'd be cold until next year! Because my circulation isn't the best, I get cold pretty easily. It was somewhat rainy but it cleared up towards the end. The flight back to Sacramento was okay--verses the way out when there was a passenger in a really bad mood. I got home and my friends Sarah (from Santa Cruz) and Veronica brought over Chinese food. The next day, Sarah, Vern, Kelly, and I went on the bike trail and it was a beautiful day. (I rode my hand cycle and they walked.) After the girls left, I worked with Kelly on our Evite for the Thanksgiving party we're having in the social room for many of our friends. Monday, I got a lot of business taken care of: had my blood checked (because I'm on Coumadin), picked up prescriptions at the pharmacy, and went to my nurse practitioner in Grass Valley about my heal (which is getting much better). Tuesday, I worked out in the gym with Christy, doing lots of stomach and tricep/bicep work. Yesterday, I had a SCI meeting at UC Davis and met a really nice guy named Matt who was there from Disabled Sports USA. Last night I made a baked chicken breast for dinner (which is super for me because I'm NOT a chef). This morning, I was on it- I got up at 6am, had breakfast, faxed a form to Sterling that they needed because my insurance is changed, showered, packed for the two days away, and went to therapy at 1:15. I had PT and ST and my PT spent 2 hours teaching me the starting techniques of how to get off the floor. So I'm doing my update in Grass Valley tonight because tomorrow I'm giving 4 presentations to 2 different schools up here.

October 18
5:55pm ET

So I'm doing this update from my brother's computer in upstate New York. He has a laptop with a wireless connection. After spending 3 nights in the hospital in Roseville, my heel is starting to heal. My aunt Paula (an RN) made the calls for me prior to getting admitted. We think the sore came from a pair of tighter shoes. The good news is that the bone is not infected. On Friday the 6th, I went out to dinner with my friends Eric and Megan at a Mexican restaurant really close to my house. Little did I know that my heel was infected that night. Saturday, my aunt Paula and Grammy came for lunch and that is when I was admitted to the hospital. Paula is an RN so she looked at my foot and called several hospitals to advocate for me. I went to the Sutter Roseville hospital where they admitted me. Saturday night, they gave me a weird drug that made my head really itchy (I had an allergic reaction to it) so they gave me some Benadryl which knocked me out. Basically my 3 nights and 4 days in the hospital were annoying being back, but made me realize that I'm doing everything well on my own. My parents and brother came for dinner several of the nights and that really kept me sane. One night, a really nice nurse brought a TV/VCR into my room and I watched the movies A League of their Own and Top Gun. Turns out the infection in my foot was not in the bone and the antibiotic the doctors gave me should take care of it. So I did therapy at UC Davis, taking the bus right from the hospital to therapy. I was too late for my speech, but was able to do occupational and physical. My theraists thought I was nuts for coming to therapy directly from the hospital. That night, Vernie came over and brought sushi rolls for us to share. My new method of sleeping is with my feet elevated on pillows to help my infected foot. Wednesday, I had a SCI meeting at UC Davis. Thursday, I showed my Evite to Christy and hooked her up with an email address. That night I only slept for about 1.5 hours because I couldn't go to sleep. The reason why was I took my first cross country plane flight so I was probably nervous. My parents picked me up at home and we went to the Sac airport. We transferred in Las Vegas to Philidelphia, and ended up in Burligton, Vermont. We showed up at our hotel at about 1:30 a.m. The next day, my family and I drove around Stowe, Vermont to see the wide pastures and pretty fall leaves. Lindy's wedding was that afternoon and it was beautiful--in a chapel and the reception was at a ski resort town in a hall. Dan and I sat at a table with several of Lindy's friends from college. I even danced with my arms for a long time on the dance floor. The next morning, we went to a brunch at Karen's house and got to see a lot of people from the wedding. After the wedding festivities, my family and I drove to upstate New York to visit our cousins Jen & Steve and their son Alex. We went to dinner together with aunt Carol the first night and then cooked dinner at their house the next day/night. Jen is an amazing cook. While Dan did homework, mom, dad, and I walked along Tupper Lake. Tonight, we all went to dinner at Carribean Cowboy-a very unique restaurant in Lake Placid. Tomorrow, we're driving to Niagra Falls.

October 5

I went to my eye doctor on the 28th and my vision is perfect, which I was a bit worried about because of my head injury. So there probably won't be any changes until I'm 40! So I was in Grass Valley for a few days and did an Evite for our Friends' Thanksgiving which Kelly and I are hosting at our Social Room in the clubhouse. I got freakin' stuck trying to transfer out of the shower so mom had to run home at lunch and save me! Man, I can be such a pain! That night, my friend Lindy was here from New York and we had dinner and saw all the flower arrangements she will have at her wedding. My parents and I went to a wedding of a family "play group" friend in a beautiful setting underneath some trees on a ranch called Backbraken Acres. I got to see a guy who I used to babysit. That was trippy. That night, my parents and I drove down to Mountain View (yes all 3 hours) because in the morning was the Alan Liu Memorial Swim Meet. I haven't been able to go the last two years, so it was so great to see a lot of my old friends from swimming. The medals had a picture of Alan doing butterfly and I loved them! His parents Rita and Barry were there and it was so great to see the place where we met! My parents and I then drove up to Sacramento and moved most of my clothes, etc. for the moving day the next day. It was quite frustrationg, to say the least. Luckily, the apartments moved all our big stuff for us. Tuesday, I had therapy and my aunt Jan brought me and picked me up because with all the craziness, I didn't call for a ride. Tuesday night, my brother came to have dinner with me at Chevy's and it was so great to see him. Wednesday, I had the SCI group at UC Davis and they were so nice in radiology- the were able to squeeze my x-ray in to see if I have a residual blood clot in my leg. Oh, and I also have a sore on my heel that's really bothering me because I'm not hungry, I have a headache, and I'm tired. I'm sure it will go away soon.

September 21

So I went to a "Prom Party" on Saturday night with Kelly and our mutual friend and my lacrosse teammate Whitney. There was fun music with a great sound system and everyone wore prom-style dresses. Apparently, the theme party is an annual event and it was so fun! We stayed there until like 2am! Friday night, Kelly and I went to Marshalls to look at their dresses. Saturday during the day, my parents came down and my friend Veronica and I went running/riding on the bike trail right by my place. Sunday night, I went to a family dinner at my aunt Jan's house in Davis and it was fun! It was my first family dinner with them! Jan picked me up and took me home. I also got to see her photos from Italy when she went with my aunt (her sister) Carol, which was great. On Monday, Christy came over and we went to the gym to work out. Tuesday, Christy came again and we went biking on the bike trail right across the road. September 19 was Alan's birthday which was harder for me this year. I miss him so much. Wednesday, I rolled over to Rite Aid and got some change for the bus and a few other things. It is quite a long way to roll but I did it in time to catch the bus to therapy. My speech therapist gave me a bunch of cognitive tests that I did so much better on than I would have a year ago. Today, Christy was here so I had my blood checked and went to buy some more stuff at Rite Aid (pills, shampoo). I had a walk through of our new apartment and the guys took into account all the changes that need to be made to make the place more accessible for me. It was so great to see our place. Christy and I also went to lunch at TGI Fridays and sat outside in the sun because it was so nice.

September 14

So I left the hospital (SCVMC) in 2004 on this day. Scary. Last weekend, Christy and Dylan came over and we swam and went in the hot tub. Kelly and I went to pick up the pizzas at Papa Murphy's and went to Bath & Body to get some good smelling stuff. My parents came to visit too and it was wonderful to see them. I lived at home for so long that we got even closer and I can tell that they are so happy with my current situation! On Sunday, Kelly and I went to The Nugget to go grocery shopping. Sunday night, Veronica and I drove to Berkeley to see Kina (who was in town from Hawaii) and went to dinner with Marissa, Dan, Melanie, and Kina. Monday, Christy came and we went to the gym together and I also got my blood levels tested because I'm on a medication that's a blood thinner to get rid of a small clot I have. Very annoying-but we think it's left over from the initial injury because it isn't a full on clot. Tuesday, Christy and I went on the bike trail (she ran while I rode) for a long time- like an hour and a half. Wednesday, I had therapy at UC Davis Med Center and my speech therapist gave me some more cognitive tests, OT used a special vibrating tool for my right hand, an PT helped me learn how to better sit into a long sit from lying on my back. It was pretty annoying though because I was going to grab dinner there but the cafeteria closes at 2:30! Today, Christy came and we picked out a dress for me to wear to a party I'm going to this weekend with Kelly, we worked out in the gym, and I talked to Dahn on the phone. I'm just going to take it easy tonight. Have a great week!

September 8

The big news this week is that my friends Veronica and Kina came over for breakfast today. Kina lives in Hawaii and it was so great to see her! Veronica and I also went to the Dave Matthews concert at Raley Field and it was so much fun. He played my favorite song last- Two Step. It was Veronica's treat for me being a new resident of Sacramento. I also had speech therapy at UC Davis and we're working on pre-driving stuff because I am getting so ancy to drive again! There is a reason- the bus system here is less than stellar. It is door to door, but speed is not their middle name. A driver took me way out of the way to get me home two nights ago. This weekend, my parents are coming to visit and Christy and Dylan are coming as well- it will be fun to see them.

September 5

Sorry for the long period of silence! It's been a while since I updated- I'm sorry! So I'm in my new place now and absolutely love it. Sarah and Melanie helped me a ton with my closet; I can reach everything that hangs up (the maintenance guys lowered the closet bar). Where I live is right by a bike trail, so Erin and I went on that this last weekend. (She ran while I rode.) We went to dinner together the night before. We did a mini duathlon that day where we rode then swam in my pool. The pool has a wheelchair lift so I can just transfer to that and it lowers me into the water. My friend Liz came to see me and her friend and husband came as well. I had therapy at UC Davis Med Center and really like my therapists. My aunt Jan took me the first day which was so nice. We had lunch together at the Center. Yesterday, we had a BBQ with my parents and aunt Jan and Janet and my uncle Jeff. I went grocery shopping with Veronica and my roomie Kelly and we filled our kitchen. My friend Gretchen came to visit from Seattle and it was great to see her and meet her boyfriend. I also went to a Sacramento Rivercats game with Kelly and our mutual friend Whitney. It was their last game of the season, so it was packed. My friend Becky sent me flowers from New Zealand, which was so nice! Tonight, I'm going to dinner with my cousins Jess and Josh and Dan. I can't wait to see them! So there it is--my new life.